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Hey all, 

I'm new to this website but I hope I have a great experience!

First of all, I've only gone shooting once, and I fell in love. I was there a few weeks ago and had a blast. I could've kept shooting all day but my arm was wearing out on me. 

I live in Santa Ana, so this range is actually very convienent for me! 

My likes include archery, hiking, reading, movies, video games, and hanging out with friends. 

I don't have my own bow...yet! Hopefully I'll get one soon. Then I'll become a regular at the range!

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Hi Gene, I'm not sure what's wrong with the website...

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New beginnings!

So I finally got my archery set! Hooray! I went shooting today for about an hour or so. I'm not sure. I had fun, lots of people and everyone was very friendly! My arm is pretty tired though, but I'm hoping that as I continue to shoot, I'll build up enough strength to shoot longer and better. Hope I get to meet more archers soon!
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Getting started

Hey everyone,  Since I still dont' have my own bow yet I was hoping I could get some info on how to go about buying one. I was recommended to OC Archery and High Tek Archery. Both are about a 20 min drive from where I live so I'm wondering which would be more worth while. I've been looking around amazon and ebay for bows, but apparently traditional recurve bows are hard to find. Also,...
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