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  • May 19, 2015
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I guess this is a good place as any to say hi.  I'm newish to the area because of work.  Not really close to where I live but I'll take the drive.  Wanted to do archery since I was 10 but that never happened.  Was suggested to try it to help with my depth perception and near sightedness.  I've taken the archery class at Hi Tech and at Pasadena Rovers.  Long story short, loved in and bought a recurve bow.  I've been to Santiago once to shoot and had fun.  Will probably make an appearance more around summer since my work schedule will change and I can make it on Fridays.

I'm a former paintballer and airsofter.  Also shoot digitla JPEGs, video, 35mm and medium format.  I figure this be an easier transition. Say hi.  I'm awkwardly quiet, but once you talk to me, I'm not that weird or quiet. I guess it's an Asian upbrining that keeps me quiet and straight faced. LOL

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You may want to join the Santiago Park Archers group on Facebook. We tend to be more chatty there than here. You should come out to the Tuesday night shoots and say hi!

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Wanted to always do archery since I was 10.  I've shot other...
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