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Santiago Park Archers Traditional Shootout

  • July 30, 2016
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oin the Santiago Park Archers for the Tradition Shootout on Sunday, September 25th

On site Registration opens at 8:00am

Event overview 8:45am
Events start promptly at 9:00am


Coin Round     -     Shoot your opponents coins to eliminate them from the game!
     -     Shoot Flu-Flu arrows at Parrot targets mounted high on a pole for points.
Speed Shoot     -     Shoot as many arrows as you can in a limited time. Highest score wins!
Swinging Ball     -     Elimination round played against others to hit a moving target.
Action Archery     -     Test your skills moving from target to target in this timed event. Targets include a running animal and a pop-up!


Members $5
Non-Members $10

Food available for purchase on site.

Bow styles restricted to Longbow, Recurve, Horsebow and Selfbow. All arrow materials allowed. NO SIGHTS, STABILIZERS, ELEVATED RESTS, PLUNGERS, BUTTONS OR DRAW CLICKERS! Bring your flu-flu's!

More details and RSVP on our events page!

created at: 09/24/2016