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Flu Flu Friday Returns!

  • March 15, 2016
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Join the Santiago Park Archers for Flu-Flu Fridays!


These events will include 8” and 10” foam discs that are thrown in the air and shot at with Flu-Flu arrows. 

Additionally we will have balloons and other aerial targets.



Friday, April 15th

Friday, May 13th

Friday, June 10th

Friday, July 8th

Friday, August 12th

Friday, September 9th


The event begins at 6:00pm. Club members shoot free. Guests are requested to donate $2 to cover the cost of targets. 


What you will need:


• 3 or more 6-fletch or spiral fletch Flu-Flu arrows. Arrows must not be capable of flying beyond 60 yards.

• Field points and blunts only. No Broadheads or Judos

• $2 donation for non club members