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Winter League Results

  • March 19, 2015
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Congratulations to the winners of the Santiago Park Archers Winter League! After 8 weeks, our winners are:


FITA Recurve (Men)

Nguyen Le

Score: 2075


FITA Recurve (Women)

Rebecca De Villez 938


Longbow (Men)

Derek Grant

Score: 1017


Bowhunter Freestyle (Men)

Alexander Stover

Score: 2183


Bowhunter Freestyle (Women)

Kali Cottingame

Score: 1648


Barebow Recurve (Men)

Myke Santiago 

Score: 1741


 created at: 03/19/2015

From left to right: Myke Santiago, Nguyen Le, Derek Grant, Alex Stover, Kali Cottingame and Rebeca De Villez