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Replacement Target Bale

  • July 08, 2013
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As some of you may know, the target bales located at the Santiago Park Archery Range were initially paid for and provided by the City of Santa Ana a few years ago. These bales are professionally made and cost approximately $500 per bale. Fortunately for us, not only is the entry to the park and parking free, so is the use of the archery range. To help ensure use of our range remains free, all target maintenance and replacements are accomplished through donations and volunteer work.

Over the 4th of July holiday, our target bale at the 40 yard distance fell apart.

created at: 07/08/2013

The Santiago Archers reached out to B&B Mill Sales located in the City of Orange in additional to club members to provide old carpeting. On Friday, July 5th a work party was assembled to cut the carpet, clean up the old target debris and build a new carpet bale.

created at: 07/08/2013

created at: 07/08/2013


After a few hours of clean up and cutting carpet, we finally had finished building our new bale!

created at: 07/08/2013


Thank you to all of those who donated supplies, helped clean up, took time out of your day to cut carpet and assemble our replacement target. Because of your hard work, we can continue to enjoy shooting for free at the Santiago Archery Range!

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BB Mills is great place to buy carpet for your home They have been supplying us with the carpet for the bales for the past years. Thanks, Bill

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