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Santiago Park Archers 2017 Traditional Shootout

  • August 09, 2017
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Join the Santiago Park Archers for the 2017 Traditional Shootout!

Saturday, September 16th

Registration opens at 8:00am
Event starts at 9:00am

3D Archery (Short 3D Course, 1 Arrrow, unmarked, 10-8-5 Scoring)
Popinjay (Flu Flu's shot at bird targets mounted high on a branch)
Speed Shoot (shoot as many arrows as you can for score within a limited time)
Swinging Ball (Motorized swinging target. 3 Elimination rounds)
Action Archery (Timed event. Move around the field shooting all targets as fast as you can)


Members $5
Non-Members $10

Bow styles restricted to Longbow, Recurve, Horsebow and Selfbow. All arrow materials allowed. Arrow must shoot off the shelf or hand. NO SIGHTS, STABILIZERS, PLUNGERS, ELEVATED RESTS OR DRAW CHECKS/CLICKERS! Bring flu-flu's!

created at: 08/24/2017