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Meet and Greet Tuesday

  • September 27, 2012
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Hello All,


I'm aiming to have Tuesday, November 20 as the official meet and greet for all available archers who would like to particpate not only in the Flint rounds but also introduce yourselves to other fellow archers. It will also be a great opportunity to show our skills not only with archery but with cooking too as for some may already have heard about the proposal to have a pot luck. I will be in charge of the "Meet and Greet" but I would like some help and input if anyone is also interested in helping with bringing utensils or other varieties of food. I also understand some archers have children and all are welcome to join. There will be plenty of food and sodas/water to go around and donations are always welcome. I am aiming to have the event from 4pm-7pm so those who want to participate in the Flint rounds will have ample time to practice as well. If you have any questions/interests/concerns, feel free to email @ danh.branda@gmail.com.


Hope to meet everyone soon


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I really love to meet all archers but I'm leaving that date to Asia maybe next time I back on December. Goodluck Branda and I love that Idea. God bless.

Hi Riverdinh. Branda's post is from last year. We are looking at holding another BBQ and pot luck this fall, but the date has not been set.

Hi Branda,

I'm also pretty new to archery, so I'm always up for meeting new archers.  A potluck sounds like fun and Tuesdays are always good for me and my family.  November 20 is quite a bit away, but it should be good.  Let us know as the date gets closer, and we can bring some food to add to the pot luck.  Keep in touch.


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