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Club Memership


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With the New Year rapidly approaching, I am happy to announce that the official 2019 membership is now available!

 What are the benefits of joining the club?

  • Club members will receive one official club T-shirt.
  • Club members will receive one annual club membership card.
  • Club members may attend our Tuesday evening club shoots free of donation. Non-members are asked to donate $2.00 at the beginning of the event to cover the cost of range maintenance and targets.
  • Club members may attend all Club sponsored public tournaments at a discounted rate.
  • Club members will receive access to a private members only section on the club website forum.
  • Club members in good standing may attend all scheduled monthly club meetings.
  • Club members may submit agenda items to the board at meetings.
  • Club members in good standing may nominate club members for the Board of Directors at the October meeting.
  • Club members in good standing may vote during the November elections for the next Board of Directors.
  • 2019 Club T-Shirt Design:
created at: 02/02/2019

What is the cost to become a member?

Individual annual membership is $45

Family membership is $55 (this includes all family members who reside in the same household)


Tuesday Evening Club Shoot

The Tuesday evening club shoots are open to the public for a $2 donation before the start of the event. Club members are not required to donate. Tuesday events include:

  • 300 Round
  • Flint Round
  • Hunter Round
  • Animal Round
  • BlackJack Round
  • William Tell Round
  • 5-Spot Race
  • 3D Target Round
  • Running Animal
  • Swinging Ball Elimination Round
  • And More...

Scorecards are available but not required. Beverages and snacks are available during half time for a small donation.


Seasonal Events

During Day-light Savings time, the club hosts Flu-Flu Friday's on the second Friday of the month. This event open to the public for a $2 donation before the start of the event. Club members are not required to donate.  During the winter months, the club hosts ArfterGlow Archery. This event is held once a month on Tuesday evenings. Join us for archery under UV Black Lights with glowing targets!


How to Join

To join the Santiago Park Archers please complete a membership form available at our Tuesday Evening Club Shoot or our online membership form HERE. For your convenience, we now accept payment via PayPal.


Club Structure

The club has a written Constitution and By-Laws. The Constitution and By-Laws serve as the operating structure for the club. This ensures that the club can operate for years to come. Please download and review the Santiago Park Archers Constitution and By-Laws HERE. This document details the objectives of the club, the duties of the Board of Directors, club meetings and club elections