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About The Club

created at: 11/16/2012

The Santiago Park Archery Club is the steward for the Santiago Park Archery Range in Santa Ana, California. Club members are chartered with the care and maintenance of the range as well as enforcement of archery range rules.

To get to the Santiago Park Archery Range, you will need to drive to Santiago Park in the city of Santa Ana off of Memory Lane. The park hugs the river bed and features a running trail, playground, softball field, lawn bowling, nature center and the archery range. 

Usage of the archery range as well as parking is free.

The archery range consists of a fenced grass area with eight target bales. Each bale is made of compressed foam rubber layers, carpet and epoxy. The bales are set at different distance (20, 22, 30, 40, 45, 50, 60 and 80 yards respectively). There are multiple picnic tables as well as a bulletin board to post archery-related information.

Long-time club members are always present to answer archery, club or range related questions.

Have fun and practice safe shooting!



Santiago Park was originally built in the late 1930's as a result of President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the State Emergency Relief Agency (SERA).

The archery range was added to the park in 1957. The range was originally located on the west side of the railroad track where the two large slides reside today. In 1975 the archery range was relocated to the east side of the railroad tracks to its current location to accommodate the reservoir and K-9 training facility.

By the early 1990’s the Santiago Park Archery Club was founded in conjunction with the city of Santa Ana.

The shooting direction at the current location originally was east to west, with the railroad track embankment behind the targets. For safety, the targets were later relocated to where you see them today.


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