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Gene%20archery Gene1955 7 Posts

Guys it is almost time to get ready for Bow Fishing for carp. Do you have your fishing license, how about a good pair of sun glasses? What about fishing arrows? Are you thinking about getting a new reel and some line. Hey don't forget the hat and maybe wadders. 

Img_1613 chris 6 Posts

Gene -

This sounds like a fantastic combination of two sports that my son, my friends, and I all really enjoy.  For us newbies to bow fishing, are the required pieces all listed above?

- a fishing license (I assume california freshwater is sufficient - nothing specific to bowfishing)

- fishing arrow & reel


Other questions I have:

  - Where is this done, a particular lake or stream?

  - Can you fish for something more desireable than carp ?

  - Is it done from shore, boat, peir or ... ?

  - Is there a season when this is legal ?


Gene%20archery Gene1955 7 Posts

Hi, I've been wanting to get you guys to come out to our Tuesday night shoot when we have the Double 300 round for target archers. Now to answer your questions about Bow Fishing. You both will love this I did it with my son and he loved it. Here is what you need a bow that has at lest 30 to 35 lb weight to get Thu the water about a foot deep, a special bow fishing reel and line which mounts on the bow, fishing arrows at lest 3, fresh water license for the lakes,streams.river,ponds, no limite on carp, for the ocean you need a salt water tag added. No game fish such as trout, bass, etc, for the freash water. The ocean you can go for sharks, Bat rays, can be shot from a boat or shore I mostly shoot from the shore and wade out up to my knees. The season for Carp it is just around the conner it starts in April on Thu June maybe July. You should have a good pair of sun glasses for better vision Thu the water. They are hard to see and hit. We are going to see if we can set up a Bow Fishing trip for the club and we all go together to Big Bear Lake this spring. There are places closer. Keep in mind Bow fishing is like pole fishing you have to find them first. It took me a couple of years before I learned. Never got a fish in those two years.The best way to learn is go with someone.. 

Img_1613 chris 6 Posts

Yeah, I wish we could come on Tuesday nights.  The timing just doesn't work with my son in school.  During the summer we will be there for sure, just as we were last summer.  And a 600 round to augment or alternate with the flint round would be great too.  We've shot 600's indoor at 18m, but nothing outside and organized like that.

So, if you just get carp, do you throw them back, or throw them away?  Hard to imagine eating them - though I know it's done.

My son just got his compound bow up to 28lbs, so maybe we'll need to wait till next year, he'll be stronger and bigger for sure to get some real penetration capability.  But thanks very much for the info - hopefully it'll be useful to others.

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