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Club Tee Shirts

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Longbow-making-site Jeremy 33 Posts


We are looking at having custom club tee shirts printed. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, please let me know so I can order the proper quantity.  Here is what they will look like:


created at: 10/24/2013

The cost per tee shirts varies according to the total quantiy we order. Should be somewhere between $20 - $25. Color of design may slightly vary.

Sizes available:

Adult - Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2XL and 3XL

Please let me know the size and quantity you would like to order.



Jeremy Chadwick - Size Large - Qty. 2

John Laurent - Size Large - Qty. 1

Julio Ortiz - Size Small, Qty 1 - Size Large, Qty 1

Peter - Size Small - Qty. 1 

Aram - Size 2XL - Qty. 1

Ryddragyn - Size Medium - Qty. 1

Gene - Size Large - Qty. 1

Joe - Size Large - Qty. 1

Ken - Size XL, Qty. 2

Chris - Size Small, Qty. 3 - Size Medium, Qty. 2

Jonathan Nguyen - Size Medium, Qty. 1

Chris Cole - Size XL, Qty. 1

Jason Conner - Size Medium, Qty. 1

Quest-torrent-bow cerealkiller 9 Posts

do they come in RealTree???

Longbow-making-site Jeremy 33 Posts

The logo is very difficult to see on a RealTree or other camo patern. Also, when these are ordered, the bulk price is only applied to like color shirts. So other colors will increase the cost.

Scan0065 jrlaurent2 3 Posts

Jeremy, I would like one.  Male, size LARGE.  John Laurent

Img_1454_thumb_thumb_thumb ryddragyn 2 Posts

What other colors would people want them in? White t-shirts tend to get soiled an ugly yellow around the neck. 


My vote would be either olive drab green or dark brown. 

Scan0065 jrlaurent2 3 Posts

Jeremy, White is OK, but could we get them in mauve, cyan, teal or peach? John L

Longbow-making-site Jeremy 33 Posts

I have added a variation of the shirt color and logo color above.

Does everyone like the brown shirt with a white logo better?

10307371_10152341985644862_993339279582040677_n pmn86 14 Posts

I'll take one of the browns in medium, unless you're planning on any other color variations.


- Peter

Img_1454_thumb_thumb_thumb ryddragyn 2 Posts

I will also take a brown in medium. 

Photo trackerjoe 1 Post

I'll  take one in brown large  please  thanks Jeremy. 

Img_1613 chris 12 Posts

I would like in brown:

small: Qty 3

medium: Qty 2

4425-468x-scr00011 Ryence 1 Post

I'll take a a brown in medium.  Jonathan Nguyen

Archery valloq 5 Posts

Any word on what brand these shirts are so I can figure out my fit? I'm gonna guess I'll need one in small though.

- Eric

Longbow-making-site Jeremy 33 Posts

I'm looking at the Hanes Beefy Tee. They are sized with a "generous fit" instead of slim fit.

Archery valloq 5 Posts

Yep, put me down for a small then.

10307371_10152341985644862_993339279582040677_n pmn86 14 Posts

In that case can you change mine to small also. Thank you.

Chrisshooting Dagontu 4 Posts

1 XL for chris Cole

Chrisshooting Dagontu 4 Posts

Make mine a brown too.

Jc Jason 1 Post

1 brown Medium for me, please.


Longbow-making-site Jeremy 33 Posts

Hi everyone. After reviewing the cost of the T-Shirt orders with our club treasurer, we realized that we do not have enough funds in the club bank to order shirts before collecting the money.After some thought and a meeting with the club board of directors, we decided it would be best to offer paid club membership that would include one tee shirt. Please see this post for more information: http://santiagoarchers.org/users/jeremy/posts/54-2014-santiago-park-archers-club-membership

Longbow-making-site Jeremy 33 Posts

We will be ordering our first batch of T-Shirts this week. If you would like a T-Shirt, please be sure to turn in your club membership form by the end of the week!

Longbow-making-site Jeremy 33 Posts

T-Shirts have been ordered for those of you who have signed up for club membership and have paid their dues. Shirts will be handed out on Tuesday, Feb. 4th!

Scan0065 jrlaurent2 3 Posts

One T-Shirt for me, Large.  John Laurent 9/19/2016

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