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Dog Owners and the Range

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Longbow-making-site Jeremy 33 Posts

It recently came to my attention that serval dog owners have been using the range for training their animals. I arrived at the range Monday in the late afternoon to find 3 people with two dogs. The park ranger had his vehicle parked at the range entrance and was talking with the animal owners. Apparently these owners and their animals have been frequenting the park and training their animals down the range on long lead lines. This poses a safety issues for the animals when they share the field with flying arrows (for obvious reasons) and it interferes with your ability to use the range.

Dogs are welcome at the range provided owners follow these rules:

1) Animals must be kept behind the shooting line.

2) Animals should be secured on a leash no longer then 6 feet in length.

3) Archey use ALWAYS takes priority at the range over animal use.

4) Owners must clean up after their animals.

If you encounter an issue in the future with dogs being trained at the park, please contact the City of Santa Ana Parks, Recreation, & Community Services Agency:

Monday - Friday after 3:00pm: (714) 647-3397

All other hours (Dispatch #): (714) 834-4211

Thank you,


Renfairebow Abramtank 4 Posts

Saved the numbers in my phone contacts. Hopefully the city can post signs with these rules or we can take action on that. Last thing we need is a dog getting injured because an owner lost control. 

Gene%20archery Gene1955 14 Posts

It would be good idea that all archers become GATE KEEPERS of the range and call (714-647-3397) when we see the dog trainers with the dogs on the range and let the Park Ranger  handle it 

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Forums Santiago Park Archery Club Discussion Dog Owners and the Range